The Power of Instagram Reels

Conrad Byron
Date Published
January 14, 2024
Business Strategy

With the ever changing nature of social media, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends. People are mass-consuming content on a daily basis, and as a brand, you’re expected to keep up with the demand. On top of that, the platforms themselves are advancing and evolving just as quickly. Instagram specifically has taken big leaps in the content that they enable their users to create, particularly through Instagram Reels. 

But what on earth is an Instagram Reel? According to Instagram itself, “Reels are entertaining, immersive videos where you can creatively express your brand story, educate your audience, and get discovered by people who may love your business.” Instagram Reel content is different from your typical video post because it is intended to be short-form video content, while the standard video post can be much longer. With the average initial attention span of users being 2-3 seconds, they may not be willing to sit through a 3 minute video post, but a 30 second Instagram Reel is much more digestible.

So why use it? Studies have shown that the use of Instagram Reels dramatically increases engagement from users. Content on Instagram Reels gets 22% more engagement compared to regular videos on Instagram. The results that follow the use of Instagram Reels will almost certainly be favorable to your brand. People are significantly more likely to engage and watch the Reel for its full duration since it can only be a maximum of 60 seconds. Using Instagram Reels is also super easy. Everything is there for you in one place: filming capabilities, editing tools, audio effects, and more. 

Since Instagram Reels are intended to be bite-sized clips of content, most brands primarily make use of them for entertainment purposes. Think of Instagram Reels as a competitor to TikTok videos. The content is fun, silly, bright, and meant to entertain. Most brands will save the more message-heavy video content for a dedicated video post on their feed. But regardless of the length of the content, consumers are expecting and demanding more video content. Making use of Instagram Reels is a great way to churn out larger quantities of video content, and to get a few laughs along the way. Keep in mind that Reel content doesn’t have to be profound or over-the-top. One of the biggest things users like to see is snapshots of people like them engaging with your brand. 

It’s no secret that content creation is a never-ending cycle. And it doesn’t come as a surprise that the more Reels you post, the better your reach and the more you’ll grow. Users truly devour content, so you might as well be creating something that will stick with them. Video content through Instagram Reels is the fastest way to organically grow your brand on Instagram. Posts and stories are great too, but Reels just go so much further. As a result, 70% of brands and marketers are planning on increasing their ad spend on video content because it is so incredibly fruitful. Instagram Reels have proven to be one of the most important social media marketing strategies, even over video content on TikTok. Interestingly enough, some TikTok users have reported that when they post similar videos on Instagram Reels, they end up getting more views and engagement than they would on TikTok anyway. 

All signs point to Instagram Reels being “where it’s at” in the world of social media marketing. Users go to Instagram Reels for entertainment and the opportunity to align with brands. And if this platform for video content is productive for your brand, why wouldn’t you make use of it? Step into the world of Instagram Reels and watch the likes, comments, and other engagements come pouring in.

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