A Case Study: How We Leveraged Lifestyle Photography for Social CBD

Conrad Byron
Date Published
January 14, 2024
Business Strategy

Let’s paint a picture of one of our previous clients, Social CBD. This brand sells CBD based products within the health and wellness space and has positioned their brand as a modern solution to daily life. 

What do we know about this demographic of consumers? They’re looking for an everyday, convenient solution for modern day ailments such as social anxiety, poor sleep, and stress. Prior to this photoshoot we always kept their brand position in front of our mind to ensure the settings were accurate, and aligned. Our goal is to portray the audience naturally and to tell the story of how the product was used in a real-world scenario. The result was a range of settings that aligned with current trends such as working from home, and the rise in self care and imagery that inspired their audience to “see themselves” in the photo. 

The imagery provided a positive ROI for the client as they leveraged these photos through their various marketing channels such as their website banner, email blasts, and social media accounts.

Lifestyle photography enabled Social CBD to connect with their audience by making their brand approachable and relatable, and ultimately helping their audience see themselves using their product. 

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